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Everyone Outside!

March 15, 2011

Spring arrives in less than a week, and everyone is going outside!

Earth Day is celebrated this year on April 22nd.  A great way to show you care about the earth is to encourage the use of recyclable materials, and biking, and walking!

Put your business or organization's name on a recyclable grocery tote such as our P.E.T. Tote made of 85% recycled plastic bottles and 15% pre-consumer industrial products.  We have a number of other bags too, including our totally Biodegradable Die-Cut Handle Bags

Coloring/Activity Books are great for kids and we have one which shows ways to Keep Our World Beautiful

For April showers, we like the Barrister Umbrella or the Pro Am Golf Umbrella, which are both on sale through the end of April, in a minimum of 12 and no set-up charge!  See also our Rain Gauges and Thermometers under Needful Things, including our new Flower Thermometer!