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What Spring Break?

April 01, 2011

This is the last day of spring break in Michigan and the first day I feel ridiculous still wearing my puffy coat!  The building is empty ... people having gone to Mexico or Southern beaches, or Colorado for spring skiing.

Travel is on the rise again after people opted for "staycations" for a couple of years.  I recently read that hotels no longer offer free amenities like body lotion and sewing kits.  You may still see things like shampoo and soap in your room, but you may have to pay for other things at the front desk.

A great way to put your business name into the hands of your customers and prospects is by giving them something for their travel adventures!  The spring/summer vacation season is upon us, so here are some suggestions:

The Travel First Aid Kit is perfect for travel bag, beach bag or glove compartment. Hand Sanitizers aren't just for flu season!  Think of all the things handled during the course of a day of travel. 

The Micro Fiber cleaner in a case is great for glasses, sunglasses, laptaps and cellphones. 

Lip Balms with SPF 15 are inexpensive and totally appreciated, especially with the new flavors of peach or watermelon!

See the other things we have in under Amenities!  And then, see our new sunglasses ... now these are a necessity!