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Oliver's Blog

It's 2019 and Changes Afoot!

January 02, 2019

Happy New Year!

We are making a few slight changes, perhaps a few years late, but better late than never!

Until we get a chance to update our website in its entirety, please know that effective immediately, we no longer have our 800 number, so please use our phone 231-941-5585.  Additionally, we no longer have a fax number!  Please send all of your orders and artwork to us by email: and please include your artwork

We are all about streamlining the process (what took us so long, you ask), and hope to show you some great new items for 2019 with an emphasis on reusable, recyclable products as well as more U.S.A. made!

Cheers to an awesome new year for you too!






A Great Gift Idea

November 28, 2018

We recently sold these 100% bamboo cutting boards (aka "bar cutting boards") to a title agency, and we can't say enough about them! 

This small 6" x 9" board is the perfect size to leave out on your kitchen counter, or bar, for cutting small fruits and vegetables, and for chopping and dicing.       

And what is so great about bamboo? 

Bamboo cutting boards don't absorb liquids as easily as wooden boards which makes them less prone to cracking and warping.  They are also naturally non-porous so more resistant to bacteria.

The minimum is only 20, but you will want more!

Your imprint is laser engraved into the wood, on the top under the handle, or at the very bottom of one side.

Individually gift-boxed.


Mugs for the Leaf Peepers

October 15, 2018

Fall has arrived and people are taking advantage of the weekends to see the fall color, pumpkin patches; visit wineries and restaurants; or simply replax in a cabin with a good book, a fire in the fireplace, and a hot cup of coffee, tea, or chocolate.  

Coffee mugs, with your imprint, make great souvenirs, especially if they are as colorful and unique as the Rotondo!  This 16 oz. mug has the added feature of keeping your hands warm!  

In Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Sky Blue, Cobalt Blue, Black, Charcoal and White (all with white inside).  


The Year is More than Half Over

July 15, 2018

It's hard to think of calendars for the coming year while sitting on the beach, or sailing on the lake, but now IS the time to order.  

Calendars and planners are a great way to keep your name in front of your customers all year long!

If you order now, you can take advantage of early bird pricing AND we will hold your order for delivery later in the year!  Early Bird Prices extended to 8/15/18!

So why wait? Take a look at the calendars we have here, and if you have a specific idea, style, theme which you don't see here, ask us!  We have many, many more!

Monthly Focus

June 04, 2018

It's June, and one of our favorite suppliers has a monthly focus on products which are on sale at below the end-quantity price!  Prices are good through the end of June!

4" Keep It Clip now $.63 each in quantity of 500+

Credit Card Bottle Opener is $1.09 each in quantity of 500+

Primary First Aid Kit is $1.33 each in quantity of 500+

Swivel It Measuring Spoons are $1.15 each in quantity of 250+

3 Step Lid is $.50 each in quantity of 500+

Explorer Luggage Tag is $1.04 each in quantity of 500+

Diva Compact Mirror is $.82 each in quantity of 500+

Twister Mug is $2.57 each in quantity of 288+

Express Commuter Tumbler is $3.87 each in quantity of 250+

Now would be a great time to take advantage of these prices, even if stored for use later in the year!





Parade Season

May 17, 2018

It's May, and so parade season is here!  Starting with Memorial Day weekend and looking forward to Fourth of July!  Don't forget the many summer festivals and marathons!

May we suggest a few things?  For parades, toss out a 5" or 7" flyer!  They soar just as high as the 9", and we have those too!

Do you have kids walking in the parade?  Make them look cool with our junior sunglasses!  Adults can look cool too with a choice of sunglasses in several colors.

It's going to be warm, so stay hydrated!  If on the sidelines, here is a great tumbler to fill with your favorite cool beverage!

Beer? Root Beer? Arnold Palmer?

April 03, 2018

You may be golfing in the south, but the rest of the country will be catching up in a month!  Here are a couple of our favorite glasses for summer activities!

This 16 oz. Pint Glass can be ordered in a quantity as few as 48, or ... for 144 or more, there is this pint glass at $1.49 each with a one-color imprint.

Becoming more and more popular is the Soda Can Glass.  It is also 16 oz. and is a fun new style!

The Flexible 16 oz. Tumbler is ideal for company picnics, outdoor wedding rehearsal dinners, barbeques ... it's unbreakable and reusable!

Write Down your Thoughts

February 05, 2018

People don't use their smart phones for everything!

More and more, I see people pulling out journals from their bags and backpacks.  Go to any coffee shop, cafe, salon ... and someone is recording something in their journals.  I have a friend who proudly posts pictures of her journal on the table of a local diner, with the caption "planning my next move"  on Instagram.

Journals come in all sizes, textures, and colors.  This one is especially nice because of its size (5" x 3-1/2") and inside pocket.  

We couldn't possibly post all of the journals we have available, so if interested in a specific size or binding, or color, let us know!