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Oliver's Blog

Sharpie Gel Highlighter

October 16, 2013

Unlike any highlighter you've ever used! 

I've been passing these out to some of our customers, and I insist they try it out while in front of me so I can see the raised eyebrows and hear the "Wows!"

Sharpie has created a highlighter with an advanced gel system ... it dries fast, yet doesn't dry out (yes, if you leave the cap off, it's okay!).  It doesn't bleed through paper, and you can use it on glossy paper, semi-gloss (like our Oliver Specialties Catalogue) and really thin paper.

It's awesome!

Also check out our Paper Mate products! 

We are quite fond of the Paper Mate Sport Pen on sale through the end of the year!  It comes in five different finishes, several color combinations, and black or blue ink.  Smooth, long-lasting, and affordable!

Blaze Orange

September 27, 2013

Whether your customers are like my dad ...  hunting to him meant going to northern Michigan to eat good food, play cards, listen to a football game, and walk in the woods ... or they actually hunt, keep them safe with our Blaze Orange Cap!

And what goes with it?  The Realtree Camouflage Bubba Mug ... 22 oz. when filled to brim!  Our Collapsible Can Koozies also come in a camouflage design and are on sale through the end of the year.

Having nothing to do with hunting season really, other than getting into a car with a hot beverage or sugary drink, I wouldn't be without Car Coasters for each of the cup holders in my new car.  They are inexpensive, and your ad is seen every time someone gets in the car! 


Paper Mate Ink Joy

September 18, 2013

Do you remember spirographs?  It was a favorite birthday present of mine one year ... a set of different sized gears used to draw awesome designs.  Just put your pen against the teeth of a gear and spin it around to make different coils and spirals ... endless fun!  You could buy a set, or make your own with cardboard, paper, rings, and pins.  Why am I taking this trip down memory lane? 

Paper Mate has a new commercial on TV which shows their different color Ink Joy Pens making these wonderful designs as if using a spirograph! 

We featured the Paper Mate Ink Joy in a previous blog.  For gel pen lovers, the Ink Joy combines the best qualities of ballpoint and gel pen technologies for incredible smoothness and the ink dries fast!  It is available in eight translucnt colors with black ink, or ink to match the barrel color.  It is also now available in white with nine trim colors (which also have black ink, or ink to match the trim color). 

We like it so much, we would like you to experience the joy too!  Through the end of the year, take a 10% discount!

Mini Footballs

September 05, 2013

We've been getting calls about footballs!  Now, of course, is the busiest time of the year for our 7" Mini Vinyl Footballs, especially since they are on sale through the end of the year!  But we are still offering 7 working days production, and your order ships F.O.B. Ohio!  So if this is something you considered this year, now is the time! 

Speaking of Football, our Pro Football Schedule, which lists every game for every week, is a must for any football fan.  Your imprint is highlighted in a 2-1/4" x 1-1/8" size, and this handy carry-along fits any wallet credit card slot!


August 18, 2013

We are back from our vacation at Watervale, refreshed and ready for back to school specialties, tailgating, and fall festivals!

Here are some things to consider for end of summer through fall!  

Our Collapsible Koozie Can Holder is as popular as ever.  It is on sale through the end of August and has a new low minimum of 100 pieces.  The Roller Tumbler is great for cool mornings up ahead and the minimum is only 48 pieces.  Running neck and neck in popularity with water bottles is the Varsity Tumbler on sale through the end of September (and we have a couple of other versions).  

The Koozie Thermal Tote is new and great for end of summer outings and fall sports events.  Wine tours?  Our Wine2Go has been a hit all summer!

Finally, fall seems to be a time for fundraising of all kinds, including cancer and health awareness, team pride, and school events.  Our silicone awareness bracelets are produced in five working days (not thirty) and shipped from Texas and a 50 bracelet minimum!

Summer Vacation!

August 09, 2013

Hey, everyone!

Oliver Specialties is taking its annual one week vacation August 12-16!  It will be a tech-free time to relax, read, walk the beach, and talk to people face-to-face! 

We are looking forward to it, and will look forward to talking to you when we return!

School Bags?

August 05, 2013

When I look up "school bags" on the internet, everything that comes up is an example of  backpack or a backsackl!  We know how popular they are!   We think they are great for all kinds of things:  camping, shopping, overnighters, pet supplies.  But, since school is just around the corner, here are a few which get good grades!

This traditional Backpack is made of 600 denier polyester and has wide adustable straps!  The Spirit Drawcord is designed with school colors (one on each side with matching drawcords) and is on sale through 9/30/13 in a minimum of 100.

The Spirit Drawstring shown above is a little bigger than the rest, with a front zip pocket, and is on sale through the end of September, also in a minimum of 100.

Take a look through our School Category for other backpacks, and our Bags and Totes Category for messenger bags, shoulder bags, and totes! 

We all need something to carry our stuff!


July 11, 2013

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and so now through the month of October, we are offering the end-quantity price on any item on our website which is available in PINK (and which is not already on sale)!

We have a lot of pink things, so maybe an easy way to determine which promotional item comes in PINK, just enter the word PINK in the search box and see what comes up!

For example, the Commuter Tumbler is something every woman would love.  The Automatic Folding Umbrella comes in pink, and the Barrister has alternating pink and whte panels

Other pink items:  Grocery Totes, Poly Pro Totes, Front Runner Caps, and the Simply Pink Purse shown above.

Other Beverageware:  The Poly-Clean Water Bottle, Twister Tumbler, and our new favorite, the Wine2Go with a pink lid.

Pink pens, cosmetic bags, manicure items, mirrors ... and who wouldn't want a little watermelon lip balm with a pink label!

Finally, one of our most popular items is the Women's Health Record Keeper, a two-sided, fold-up wallet card where health tests, exams, etc,, can be recorded.

As usual, call us for more ideas at 800-290-0595!