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Oliver's Blog

Wine 2 Go!

May 01, 2013

Imprinted Wine Tumbler at Oliver Specialties

We know!  We laughed at first too!  But when you think about it, the new Wine 2 Go Tumbler is a genius idea and a wine lover's dream!

BPA-free acrylic double-wall insulated tumbler has a wine glass inside ... no, it doesn't come out!  Pour your wine into the wine glass, and then put the lid on and drink through the slide lid.

No broken glass on patio, poolside, boat, deck, or wherever you gather for summer activities ... and, of course, no bugs and no spills! 

Your imprint is on one side of the clear tumbler and your choice of  lid color.

On sale through the end of August!

Everyone Loves a Paper Mate!

April 24, 2013

Promotional Pens from Paper Mate

Everyone loves a Paper Mate pen, and here are two to consider for your next promotion, or to have available at all times to showcase your business!

The Paper Mate Sport Retractable Pen has five barrel finishes and colors, a dozen or so trim colors (your imprint can match the trim color or you can have another color for your imprint for a multi-color effect), and a large imprint area.  Anyone who has used a Paper Mate Ball Pen will tell you ... it writes like a dream!

For gel pen lovers, the Paper Mate Ink Joy Pen combines the best qualities of ballpoint and gel pen technologies for incredible smoothness and a fast dry-time!  In eight translucent colors with black ink, or ink to match the pen color.  New this year is a white barrel with nine trim colors, with black ink or ink to match the trim color. 

No set-up charge!

National Pet Month

April 09, 2013

Promotional Pet Products from Oliver Specialties

May is National Pet Month ... a time to reflect on the joys of making your pet(s) part of the family!  Having two rescue dogs myself, I cannot imagine what it would be like without seeing them at the door when I come home every day!

If your business is one which caters to pets (veterinarians, shelters, pet daycare, grooming, obedience school, humane societies, pet rescues), please check out our Pet Accessories category.  We have several things perfect for highlighting your business ... and for fundraising, including NEW Dog Grass and Cat Grass Seed Packets.

Teach kids the responsibility of pet ownership with our Caring for Your Pets Coloring Book, now on sale through the end of June!

Put your logo on a coffee mug (our C-Handle Mug comes in awesome colors), or use the Market Value Tote to carry pet necessities for a day at the park!


Rain or Shine

March 05, 2013

Custom Imprinted Umbrellas

Did you know the word "umbrella" comes from the Latin "umbra," meaning shade (or for my Greek friends, the Latin comes from the Greek "ombros" ), and was used mainly as a sunshade, and then made of a coated material to offer shelter from the rain?  Today. umbrellas are used both ways, of course. 

We have a few umbrellas at great prices and a number of colors and color combinations, and production is approximately five days after proof approval. 

What better way to promote your business name? Umbrellas are walking billboards, seen all over town.

Check out  the Barrister, a one person umbrella at $7.28 each in a quantity of 25 or more through the end of April.  The Pro-Am Golf Umbrella doesn't have to be used just on the golf course ... this two-three person umbrella can be used anywhere it is raining, and is also on sale at $9.28 each in a quantity of 25 or more through April (but on sale at this price in a quantity of 12, if ordered before March 31st).

Microwave Mug Cooking

February 26, 2013

I occasionally listern to the radio while at work, and yesterday, heard a program about the "miracle" of microwave mug cooking ... and I had to wonder:  where have I been?  I mean, soup would be obvious, but I never thought about breakfast in a mug, scrambled eggs, an omelet ... mac & cheese, steamed vegetables, peach cobbler, brownies, and chocolate mug cake!


Get Ready for New Gardens

January 15, 2013

It's January.  Not much to do except plan what your garden will look like this spring!

Promotional seed packets show your name/logo in full color in three places!  Just added to our category of Seeds and Grow Plants are 14 new varieties!

Annual Bee Mix

Butterfly Garden Mix

Cat Grass (yes!  for your pet cat!)


Clover (give to all your Irish friends on St. Pat's Day)



Dark Green Zucchini

Dog Grass (vitamins for your pet pooch!)

Jalapeno Pepper

Johnny Jump Up



Zinnia Pink


Hottest Year on Record

January 09, 2013

Did you hear 2012 was the hottest year on record in the contiguous United States?  Beating the previous record by one full degree!? 

I don't think we needed to be told ... we all felt it!

Here are a few things to help us out in 2013.  

Aside from keeping track of the heat this year (and the cold) with window thermomenters such as the Flower Thermometer, many people would also like to keep track of rain this year. 

The Green Wave Jr., the Green Wave, and the Vine Design Rain Gauge all keep track of rainfall in your area by mounting them on a fence or sticking them in the ground.

All three are on sale through 4/30/13!

Also see our Slender Thermometer and our Sprinkler Gauge ... the Thermometer is very inexpensive and the Sprinkler Gauge is also on sale through the end of April!



Home Expo

January 08, 2013

Will your company participate in a Home Expo this winter/spring?  Here are a couple of ideas for you!

Our favorite new idea is the Universal Soda Lid!  It reseals soda pop lids, and even the smaller energy drink or smaller pop cans (does not work on beer cans).  Nice colors, good size imprint area, and inexpensive ... so you can pass them out to everyone!

The Twix-It keeps your snacks from falling out of the bag!   Carpenter Pencils are on sale through the end of March, and free set-up! 

The Amazing Shammy makes cleaning fun ... and we think everyone will flock to your booth, especially if you order it in orange!

Of course, here is a whole category of Seed Packets and Grow Kits!