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Oliver's Blog

Microwave Mug Cooking

February 26, 2013

I occasionally listern to the radio while at work, and yesterday, heard a program about the "miracle" of microwave mug cooking ... and I had to wonder:  where have I been?  I mean, soup would be obvious, but I never thought about breakfast in a mug, scrambled eggs, an omelet ... mac & cheese, steamed vegetables, peach cobbler, brownies, and chocolate mug cake!


Get Ready for New Gardens

January 15, 2013

It's January.  Not much to do except plan what your garden will look like this spring!

Promotional seed packets show your name/logo in full color in three places!  Just added to our category of Seeds and Grow Plants are 14 new varieties!

Annual Bee Mix

Butterfly Garden Mix

Cat Grass (yes!  for your pet cat!)


Clover (give to all your Irish friends on St. Pat's Day)



Dark Green Zucchini

Dog Grass (vitamins for your pet pooch!)

Jalapeno Pepper

Johnny Jump Up



Zinnia Pink


Hottest Year on Record

January 09, 2013

Did you hear 2012 was the hottest year on record in the contiguous United States?  Beating the previous record by one full degree!? 

I don't think we needed to be told ... we all felt it!

Here are a few things to help us out in 2013.  

Aside from keeping track of the heat this year (and the cold) with window thermomenters such as the Flower Thermometer, many people would also like to keep track of rain this year. 

The Green Wave Jr., the Green Wave, and the Vine Design Rain Gauge all keep track of rainfall in your area by mounting them on a fence or sticking them in the ground.

All three are on sale through 4/30/13!

Also see our Slender Thermometer and our Sprinkler Gauge ... the Thermometer is very inexpensive and the Sprinkler Gauge is also on sale through the end of April!



Home Expo

January 08, 2013

Will your company participate in a Home Expo this winter/spring?  Here are a couple of ideas for you!

Our favorite new idea is the Universal Soda Lid!  It reseals soda pop lids, and even the smaller energy drink or smaller pop cans (does not work on beer cans).  Nice colors, good size imprint area, and inexpensive ... so you can pass them out to everyone!

The Twix-It keeps your snacks from falling out of the bag!   Carpenter Pencils are on sale through the end of March, and free set-up! 

The Amazing Shammy makes cleaning fun ... and we think everyone will flock to your booth, especially if you order it in orange!

Of course, here is a whole category of Seed Packets and Grow Kits!

Some Hot and Cool Ideas

January 03, 2013

The new year brings some hot and cool ideas, some new, and some brought back by popular demand!

If your company provides a "hot" service to households, our new Hot Pad might be just the thing!  The minimum is only 150 and the imprint area is huge! 

Another item for home shows this spring is our Sandwich Spreader Plus, on sale through March!  Perfect for spreading your message!

The new Frosted Unbreakable Flexible Cups are in the coolest colors and are 16 oz.  People will use these over and over again!

Looking for a new tumbler?  Here's one!  The Echo Tumbler is new for 2013 and the minimum is just 48!

The new year brings home shows, annual meetings, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patricks Day ... call us if you don't see what you are looking for on our website!  We will find it for you!






Can Hardly Wait

December 18, 2012

It is only two weeks until the new year, and we have been spending time updating our website with a lot of new items, or new colors, or showing what is on sale through the end of the first quarter of 2013!  We thought you'd like to see some of what is new here!

The Mini Glossy Latte Mug shown here is a 13 oz.. mug and on sale in a quantity of 144 or more through the end of March.  We like the colors, including the white and natural, and the dark mugs with the white insides!

Another new item for 2013 is the Grab Bag, a grocery tote, if you'd like, but who says you can't use it for other purposes?  It has a sturdy shoulder strap, but you can carry it by the die-cut handles.  It also has a cinch cord to keep contents from shifting, and has two side pockets for bottles.

Does your organization sponsor any trips or travel?  The Quest Duffel Bag is perfect for a weekend, and the minimum quantity is only 20!

We are working as fast as we can to bring new ideas to you ... but if you have one you don't see here, please give us a call!  We will find it for you!




Zip Ship

November 30, 2012

All of a sudden, it's December and you haven't yet ordered appreciation gifts for your best clients?  Here's one of several Zip Ship items which can be produced in a day!

The Sanford Portfolio is in rich, bonded leather which zips closed, and has in inside zippered pocket, card holders, and mesh ID holder, and a 30 page lined writing pad.  Your imprint is on the inside pocket.  Anyone would be glad to receive it ... just in time for the new year and trade show season!

Email your order and art to us by 1 PM EST one day, and it ships the next day.  No extra charge.

So many other things:   Basic Black Briefcase, Barrister Umbrella, Mesh Pocket Drawcord Bag, Studio Tote, Pro Am Golf Umbrella, Big Value Tote, Navigator Business Card File, and Poly Pro Totes.


More coffee?

October 25, 2012

Did you know that the average American drinks 3.1 cups of coffee a day?  Whether brewed at home and taken on the commute to work, or stopping at a neighboring coffee shop during the course of the day, coffee consumption is enjoyed daily by the majority of the adult population!

So, doesn't it make sense to have your company name on something associated with coffee?

We have approximately 18 coffee mugs on our website, and about a dozen travel mugs/tumblers, such as the Eldorado Tumbler, the Cup2Go in all its glorious colors, and the traditional Stainless Travel Mug.  These three ... and many more ... are on sale through the end of the year!

Our Car Coasters are awesome ... just the thing to catch whatever spills you make setting your coffee cup into the beverage holder of your car.  Or, give every coffee lover you know a Coffee Cup Insulator to walk that paper cup down the street!

Give your company exposure first thing in the morning ... and well into the afternoon!