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Oliver's Blog

I Could Put this Topic on My Calendar

October 09, 2012

Every year, about this time, there is the final push for calendars. We are already passing our planners out, and our keyboard calendars (a misnomer since there can be applied to the edge of the desk, for example) are on the way to us in a few days. 

Paper planners, wall calendars, magnetic calendars, stick-on calendars ... all are  relevant even in this age of smartphones.  Most people, of any age, who carry smartphones and tablets, still have a traditional calendar in their purse, briefcase, or home, and there are three wall calendars per household in the U.S. 

It is much easier to enter and access information from a paper planner than it is  an electronic device, and when planning personal dates, glancing at a one-month or three-month calendar on the wall is the way to go!

Please see our Calendar section ... there is something for everyone, and if you don't see it here, please ask.

Paper planners and other traditional styles are not going anywhere and will be around for years to come ... the only change is the increased number of styles and options! 

Jumping Jack Flash

August 06, 2012

We are receiving a lot of orders and inquiries about flash drives and here are two of our most popular:  the Q101A Jaguar and the Q101B Swivel.  But this isn't all we have!  There are many styles and capacities and pricing begins at 50 minimum, including your imprint in full-color.

Let us know what you are looking for!  Prices change every Monday, and there is a special price on one or two of them each week!

A New Favorite

July 23, 2012

Here's a new item which I use almost everyday, and have found an additional use for it too!  This bag is called a "Lunch" Pak, and I do pack my lunch in it with a stainless bottle of iced tea in the outside pocket on the days I walk to work. 

On my way home from work on Fridays, I stop at a local market for fish for the grill, a lemon, a vegetable, and a bottle of wine, and I ask for a bag of ice "since I'm walking" (and they are happy to oblige).  It all fits nicely, with the bottle of wine in the pocket opposite my empy bottle of iced tea.  It's the perfect size for walking since the bag doesn't drag on the ground ... and it's the perfect size for dinner for two.

I am thinking of renaming it "The Dinner for Two" Insulated Tote!

Festival Season

July 10, 2012

Vacation for me is over ... and I had a delightful week SUPping (Stand Up Paddleboarding) Lake Michigan and Lower Herring Lake!  We are now in full-tilt National Cherry Festival in Traverse City ... a week of activity on the water's edge and all around town!

So ... can school be far behind?  While on vacation, I learned from friend who is a teacher that she starts organizing her classroom August 8th for return of students a week later!  Remember when we started school after Labor Day?

There are many back-to-school items on our website, including the new Spirit Drawcord Bag, Backpacks, and other things under Writing, and Not Just for Kids.  Be sure to look at our Mini Sports Balls ... a fun, inexpensive way to get your name in front of parents!

It is also calendar time ... if you haven't ordered, August 15th is a deadline for calendars to be shipped in October.  Please take a look at our Calendar category ... if you don't see a style or theme here, call us.  There are too many to show!

Let's Talk About the Weather

May 07, 2012

Those of us who live in Michigan are still talking about  the week of 80 degree weather we had in March, followed by several nights of freezing temperatures in April.  The first week in May?  Rain, and lots of it!  We are wondering what summer will bring.

Did you know we have several "weather-related" promotional items ... which are all on sale?

The Barrister and Pro-Am Golf Umbrella come in so many colors and combinations, and the minimum order is only 25!  Both are on sale through the end of July.

New last year is our Flower Thermometer ... on  sale and in your choice of a white, yellow, or pink flower.

Do you want to know how much rain your area is getting?  We have four rain gauges:  The Green Wave, the Green Wave Jr., the Dew Drop, and the Vine Design.  All are on sale through August, and all have a large imprint area.  A rain gauge could be the most important tool in your garden tool box!

Finally, the Sprinkler Gauge measures your sprinkler output and allows you to water wisely!

Kids on Bikes

April 05, 2012

May is National Bicycle Safety Month!  Here is a great teaching tool for children ... the coloring/activity book Barkley Teaches Bicycle Safety!  Barkley the Bike Safety Dog shows kids how to stay safe and still have fun on their bikes!  We are offering it at the end-quantity price through the end of April:  order 300 at $.48 each!

A new item this year is our series of All About Me Books, a category unto itself.  These unique books make a child part of the story ... your customer can place their child's picture in the back cover and then his or her face shows through the window on each page.  The Bike Safety and Me book gives lessons that all kids need to know before they take that first bike ride.  This book is also on sale through the end of April:  order 300 at $.77 each!

Take a look at our other selection of Coloring Books and Bookmarks and All About Me Books for other timely topics for kids!

Best in Show

March 28, 2012

The March 2012 edition of Promo Marketing just came out, and in it is featured "Best in Show 2012."  There are three and a half pages of new, "eye-catching" and "client-pleasing" items in the trade show season so far.

We had have a few of these on our website since 2011 and will be adding more as we go along, but take a look at the Two-Toned Zip Purse under Money Stuff.  Granted, it may appeal to just women, but there are a lot of us!  It has a gusseted zip pocket and an outside pocket and key ring, and it is available in stylish colors.  The minimum quantity is only 100!

Next, the Five Inch Jewel Flyers literally flew out our doors last year and continue to be one of the most popular promotional products for community events, trade shows, grand openings, and so on! 

The Contoured Poly Pure Water Bottle is a great size and comes with a push/pull lid or a tethered lid (and the mouth is wide enough for ice cubes).  It is available in ten translucent colors and nine lid colors.  Check out our other water bottles too ... there is a size for everyone!

Finally, the Amazing Shammy Towels make cleaning fun!  Who doesn't need a shammy for cleaning office equipment, home, mirrors, cars, and even golf clubs!

Carrying Books

March 06, 2012

I have been reading a really good book,  Steven King's 11/22/63, so I want to make sure my Kindle is "fired up" at all times.  Recently, however, whenever I closed its pebble-grained leather cover, my Kindle stopped working.    It happened three times in one month.  There are steps to unfreeze it, but it takes some time and several tries.  Apparently, the two metal hooks which are inserted into the side of the Kindle cause an electrical charge, freezing the device, turning on the wireless, and losing your place in the book.  Solution?  Ditch the cover! 

So then I wondered how to carry it without scratching the screen.  It occurred to me I had a sample of the Mini Carry All in my office ... my Kindle  fits perfectly!  So I now have it with me when I am waiting in a doctor's office or having a coffee in my local coffee shop.  When I am not using it, I wrap the strap around the Mini Carry All and drop it into my bigger tote.  My husband just borrowed it to walk into town to read his "real" book in our local coffee shop.  

Even if I didn't have this curious problem with the Kindle, what a great way to carry it around for those times when you have nothing to do but wait!    

And here is another Messenger Bag!