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Oliver's Blog

Wearing of the Green

January 25, 2012

My last name is Welsh in origin, but fortunately the men in my family history were all smart enough to marry Irish women!  

St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, is just around the corner and is on a Saturday this year, thanks to 2012 being a Leap Year!  Just about everyone, even those who cannot claim to be Irish, celebrates in some way. 

Blue was the original color associated with St. Patrick, but in the 17th century, green became the color of the day.  Perhaps it has a more political connotation, but let's just say it harkens back to ancient times, when the Celts wore green (perhaps a shamrock?) during the spring equinox (March 20th). 

If you don't wear green on March 17th, you may feel a pinch from some leprechaun ... another American Irish tradition along with parades, and corned beef and cabbage.

To celebrate this day, and the arrival of spring, please take a 10% discount from any green item which isn't alreay on sale ... from now through the end of March!

Hearts to Hearts

January 17, 2012

It is already the middle of January (how'd that happen?) and so it is only four weeks until Valentine's Day.  But did you know February is also American Heart Month, when extra emphasis is placed on knowing the signs and symptoms of heart disease; and February 3 is National Wear Red Day in support of women's heart health.

In honor of all three, we are offering a 10% discount, including set-up charges, on any red or heart-shaped item which is not already on sale!  How will you know where to look?  Just enter the word "red" or "heart" in our search box!

Looking Ahead

January 11, 2012

The new year just started and already there are several events on the horizon!

In our area, we have a Home Expo in February, and then everyone does something for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and the arrival of spring!

For Home Expos, we have a totally re-designed seed packet selection under Seeds.  You might also consider things from Around the House, like the Bowl Scrape It above.

 We have brought back, by popular demand, the Reversible Screwdriver and the Business Card Tape/Level.

Always check our Quarterly Specials for items priced at the end-quantity or below the end-quantity price!

We are adding new items daily!

Next week:  ideas for Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day!



Introducing ...

November 03, 2011

... the Zing Line!  We like the Zing Line characters so much, we've given them their own category!

Here are some "case histories" from the Zing Line:

. A health insurance company was looking for something for its sales people to leave with prospective clients.  Emphasizing the "flexibility" of its plans, the Original Bend-A-Pen was the perfect marketing tool.  The response was great, and the company liked that the pen was so visible on a desk.

. A radio station used the Bend-A-Pen in a prize pack given to contest winners who were then asked to photograph the bendy character in their new "homes" and send them in to the station for posting on its website.  Bend-A-Pens were showing up all around town at different events ... kind of like Flat Stanley!

. A company gave the Thumbs Up Bend-A-Pen to its clients as part of a "complete customer satisfaction" campaign.

Other markets using Bend-A-Pens?  community event organizers, restaurants, schools, youth groups, company events, health services!

The Original Bend-A-Pen is on sale through the end of the year!

Gift Giving

October 25, 2011

The word is, that despite the economy, businesses are still ordering gifts and awards for their employees as a "thank you."  And it certainly doesn't hurt to send a gift of appreciation to loyal customers who have done business with you throughout the year! 

Housewares and leisure products lead the way because of their practicalty and day-to-day use!

Who wouldn't want a cooler or blanket for weekend outings?  Coffee mugs which double as hand warmers can be packaged with coffee bags, tea, cocoa or candy.  We like the Barrel Mug for this!

Or a stainless thermos  for trips ... or a Captain's Chair for relaxing?

Clocks are also a nice item.  You may have a hand held electronic device in your pocket, but while sitting at your desk, nothing beats just looking up at the time.  See our selection under Timely Gifts.

For other gift ideas, please take a look through the Give the Style Catalogue and the Holiday Gift Guide.

Grocery Totes are Here to Stay

October 04, 2011

I think bags are my favorite things to use as a promotional item.   Grocery Totes and Market Value Totes have a large "billboard" imprint area, where your name and message will be seen and noticed, and remembered! 

Not just for groceries anymore, everyone is using them:  food co-ops, farmer's markets, beverage stores, banks, credit unions, hospitals, medical and dental practices, schools, home health care services, scenic tours, caterers, professional associations, and the list goes on!  

There are now bags of all sizes, shapes and colors, structured and unstructured ... so there is no reason not to use them.  The grocery tote featured here is on sale through the end of the year!  100 or more are only $1.19 each!

Remember ... not everyone looks good in a t-shirt!



Make It Loud and Clear in Pink

September 07, 2011

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and what better way to make your message of hope and awareness than with something pink!  Through the month of October, we are offering the end-quantity price on any item on our website which is available in pink (and which is not already on sale)!

In our Search Box in the top right corner, just enter the word PINK and up will come all the promotional items which feature pink as one of the colors the item comes in.  For example, the Barrister Umbrella is perfect for autumn rain, and is available in pink.  So too are the Grocery Tote and Market Value Tote. Our Front Runner Cap won't go unnoticed!

Everyone likes a travel tumbler and our Colored Acrylic Tumbler comes in pink and is on sale at below the end-quantity price, and the minimum is only 48!  Every woman should have the Simply Pink Coin and Key Purse.

And remember, if you don't see what you're looking for here, always ask!

The Mug Rug for Your Love Bug

August 18, 2011

Cup holders in cars were not the norm until the 1980s, and now they are in or on just about every motorized vehicle.   I recently learned the first cup holders appeared in the glove compartment of a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air ... when the glove compartment was folded down, there were indentations for two cups.   Car companies were no doubt capitalizing on the new drive-in diners so popular in the mid-1950s.

Our Car Coaster is made for car (or boat, or golf cart) cup holders!  Made of natural cork, your imprint can be shown in one color in an area 2-1/4" x 2".  It is notched for easy removal.

Best thing about them?  They are so inexpensive, they could be passed out like candy, getting your company name and message seen several times a day!  It's a great item for trade shows, and will get you noticed!