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Oliver's Blog

Sling Bags!

May 31, 2016

I don't know about your town, but in our town, everyone ... and I do mean everyone ... is sporting a sling bag!  Why?  Hands are free, that's why!  For riding your bike, skateboarding, shopping, reading a book, looking at a map, eating an ice cream cone, going to the farmer's market.

The Non-Woven Sling Bag is available in six colors and is priced at $3.98 each in a quantity of 100!  Your company or organization's name will be seen everywhere!

For a polyester sling bag, available in four colors, this Sling Bag is pretty nice and can be ordered in a minimum of 50.


BBQ Cups

April 29, 2016

We call this "the most popular 16 oz. flexible, re-usable tumbler on the planet!"  We also call it a "BBQ Cup", because this is how we first started selling them ... to a resort who has a BBQ weekly for their guests.

And then, weddings!  These can also be called "wedding cups" because brides ordered them for their rehearsal dinners and parties.  A great souvenir of the wedding with the bride and groom names, date, and wedding location!

They come in other sizes too!

The Sun will Come Out

April 12, 2016

We've waited long enough for the sun to come out, but although we love the warmth and happiness it brings, we still have to protect our eyes!

We have a few sunglasses on our website, any one of which would be great for your spring/summer promotion, or for resale, or for outdoor events!  And don't forget parade season!

They are in a multitude of colors, and the price includes your imprint on one temple (although you can have your imprint on both temples for a small additional charge).

Tropical Wrap Sunglasses

Malibu Folding Sunglasses

Neon Sunglasses with White or Black Frames

Junior Sunglasses

Order today ... call us!



Keep the Expensive Glasses Indoors

March 28, 2016

A wine lover's dream!   And no more broken glass on patio, pool, or boat.

No spill tumbler keeps bugs out too!

Summer is coming, and this is the ideal tumbler for casual outdoor entertaining.

Lid Colors: Clear, Blue, Merlot, Pink, Purple, Red, Smoke

Minimum is 72 tumblers, and on sale in quantity of 144 or more all year!

Do you think it will rain?

March 03, 2016

It isn't too early to think about umbrellas for the coming months.

Next to carrying a sign, an umbrella is just about the best way to promote your business ... and everyone could use one!

The Barrister, shown above, comes in 29 colors and color combinations!  We are offering free freight through 3/31/16!  

Use the Pro-Am Golf Umbrella for your next golf tournament or outing!  Banks, Credit Unions, car dealerships, and more will be participating in one or more for a good cause!  Free shipping on this one too ... through 3/31/16!

The Hole-In-One Golf Umbrella is another beauty and the minimum for this one is only 12.

The Totes Auto Open Umbrella is the #1 selling umbrella in America, and the Spectrum Umbrella can be ordered in as few as a dozen.


Not for Green Beer

February 10, 2016

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, so now is a good time to celebrate your heritage (or your heritage for a day)!  

Our Pub Glass comes in two sizes and would make a great keepsake after the party is over!  The traditional Pint Glass will also be used over and over again and is at a great price at $1.49 each in a quantity of 144 or more!

Looking for something unbreakable?  This Frosted Unbreakable Tumbler is very popular and comes in a 16 oz. size ... perfect for your favorite brew!  

And don't forget Shamrock Medallion Beads!  Pass them out at the parade!

Show Your Style with a New Pen!

January 19, 2016

We have some new pens for 2016 we'd like to show you!  

The Jive Pen is pretty good-looking!  Beautiful colors and a large imprint area!  

The vivid metallic colors of the Janita Pen/Stylus will make your business name stand out in a crowd!  Priced to fit every budget!

Everyone is familiar with the Ion Pen (B221), but now there is the Ion Silver which has a silver barrel and colored grips.  Both pens are on sale through 4/30/16 at $.45 each!

Other new stylus grips are the Tahoe Click Stylus and the Modern Click Stylus and for special gifts, the Estilo Stylus Pen 


Home Expo Season

January 03, 2016

First comes New Year's Day, then the taking down of the holiday decorations, and then, Home Expo time!  People will start thinking about saving for spring home additions, renovations, kitchens, and bathrooms, and will be flocking to Home Expos for ideas!

Here are some ideas for you to draw people to your exhibit!

You can never go wrong with a non-woven tote ... even if others have them too (yours won't be like anyone else's!).  Here are 3 Totes in 3 different sizes which will be used over and over again, and show your message well past the Home Expo!  

The Bowl Scrape-It will be loved by cooks everywhere.  This useful tool is for mixing as well as scooping diced vegetables off the cutting board into the pan!

The Jar and Bottle Spatula is a proven winner and who couldn't use one?

Bag Clips also fall into the proven winners and this Chip Bag Clip is on sale at the end-quantity of $.65 each in a quantity of 500 or more through the end of March!

Most useful item?  A tape measure, of course!  Check out this Tape-A-Matic!


See Around the House category, Tools, Needful Things, Clips, and Quarterly Specials for other ideas ... or just call us at 800-290-0595!